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Bear Path Townhomes Introduces Phase III

November 14, 2012 12:00am realestate


If you have ever dreamed of owning a quality, luxury slopeside home, now is one of the most opportune times to act.  Our Phase III homes start at $449,000 - providing 3-level, 3-bed, 3-bath homes of 1800 sq. ft. that earn Vermont's Energy Star rating. They represent one of the best values in ski country. 

Time and again, quality homes in prime locations have historically proven to make sound buying decisions. So as you are considering a second home investment, consider that the slopeside location and panoramic views of the Willoughby Gap are part of Bear Path's enduring appeal. 
Phase III Townhome Design As for quality, each Bear Path home is designed and built to rigorous quality standards, providing generous, well-thought-out living space and top energy efficiency ratings from Efficiency Vermont - www.efficiencyvermont.com.

In addition to location and home quality, our new Phase III development creates an historic window of opportunity for buyers. With pre-construction prices starting at $449,000 for interior homes and $559,000 for our 4-bed, 4-bath 2240 sq. ft. exterior homes, the timing may never be better.

What's more, Burke Mountain is undergoing further investment from new owner (since 2012) Jay Peak. Burke and Jay now share ownership, a great shared season ticket deal and multi-million-dollar infrastructure upgrades. Those who decide to own a Bear Path Townhome now may benefit from this investment commitment.

BearPath TownHomes on Burke Mountain

Recent improvements such as 2012's expanded snowmaking and plans for new lodging on the mountain contribute to the right balance of growth and exclusivity that I believe will increase the attractiveness of the Burke and the Bear Path experiences.

The Bear Path lifestyle features:
  • Slopeside homes with spectacular views and ski to/from your door convenience
  • A location in the heart of Vermont's unspoiled, natural masterpiece, the Northeast Kingdom
  • Environmentally friendly construction that earns Efficiency Vermont's best energy efficiency ratings / A wide range of family-friendly features
  • An uncrowded, family-friendly ski experience on Burke Mountain that is getting even better
  • Phase III end-unit townhomes: 2240 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
  • Phase III interior-unit townhomes: 1800 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • Currently priced around $250 per square foot
They fully Bear Path community will consist of only 36 new townhomes.  Our Phase III development puts any buyer squarely in the middle of a proven community with a bright future.   I welcome the chance to meet you, and give you a tour of the Burke Mountain area and the Bear Path community.  To learn more please contact me personnally at866-756-4771 and be sure to watch for updates at www.bearpathtownhomes.com.  
Jack Dator
Bear Path Townhomes.