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Winter Didn't Forget Us

January 12, 2012 4:41pm GMhome


As a Massachusetts native, I often find myself clearing up winter weather misconceptions to my friends not lucky enough to have moved north (yet). Throughout most of the year they realize the weather is quite different up here, but in the winter that reality tends to get overlooked. 

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Hannah's Notebook

January 5, 2012 10:32am news


Happy New Year! So Mother Nature didn’t help us out that much in 2011, but we’re hopeful for a New Year that brings us new snow. I headed out this morning at 9am to get my first runs of the year on Big Dipper and Carriage Road, which opened up yesterday.  Although we have one of those fancy GoPro helmet cams, I am no video editor, so to make you a nice little helmet cam video with cool music in the background would have taken me a month, and by that time, we will be waist deep in snow! (knock on wood) So I decided to make a small slide show for your visual enjoyment of my morning.

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