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A New Heading

January 26, 2013 10:27am homefuture



It’s an exciting time at Burke Mountain. With new owners, QBurke Mountain Resorts, come new plans–big plans–for the mountain’s future. And as with any undertaking this big, people have questions. We hear them at the base lodge, on the lifts, at the country store, the gas station–pretty much everywhere. So we’re using this blog post to answer those questions, in order:

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January Update

January 23, 2013 8:00am gmnewshome

blogTHUMB GMupdate2

2013 is off to an interesting start. The first week was arguably some of the best skiing we have had at Burke in over two years followed by an obligatory "January thaw"  with spring-like snow conditions and a few nostalgic rides on the Willoughby chair-lift.  Some wildly windy weather during the third weekend has brought us to where we are now, into a deep freeze. With this midweek cold spell, we will again put the new snowmaking system to work and look to build snow pack on the upper mountain and trails that do not typically see snowmaking, such as the Gap. Our lift maintenance team works hard to keep all our lifts running so that our customers can enjoy as much time on the mountain as possible. We were thankful for this earlier in the month when the power line serving the Mid Burke Express went down. The Willoughby was brought on line quickly so that everyone could still enjoy top to bottom skiing, albeit a slower ride to the top.  Our Willoughby chair feels like it is hardly moving compared to the new detachable, but it is nice to have in situations like this.

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GM Update 1.4.13

January 4, 2013 8:00am gmnewshome

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I hope everyone had a nice holiday and a great New Year!  Early December started a little slow, but we were able to finish the month extremely strong. Thanks to our new, improved snowmaking system (and snowmakers), as well as a couple of perfectly timed snow storms, we had a great holiday week. We now have 50 of our 56 trails open with arguably the best ski conditions we have had in over two years. We will continue to make snow as temperatures allow-resurfacing some icy spots- including the first drop on Upper Dipper as well as other challenging areas. We have already made snow on a number of trails that have seen limited or no snowmaking in the past, including Upper Fox's Folly and Ledges, and we will continue on to The Gap and a few other steep favorites over the next week or so.  

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