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Reflections From the Pond

April 6, 2014 4:20pm tngp andrew winter home

Yesterday was our annual Pond Skim event and it was absolutely one of the highlights of the season. To set the scene, the last six days have included five in which it was perfectly sunny with highs in the mid-40's, and one in which it was cold, windy, cloudy and alternating between rain, sleet and snow. Take a wild guess as to on which day Pond Skimming occurred. Despite the rough weather, 32 hearty souls showed up to compete and brave the 87' long pond. There were pirates, there were pink bunnies, there was a beer bottle, there were some really short shorts and there was our man Hans, who's lack of a pirate costume did nothing to hinder the consensus that he was the competitor who most closely resembled an actual pirate. Over the course of the contest there were some heroic attempts (including a successful switch crossing of the pond and an on water buttered 180), some not-so-heroic attempts, and some pretty epic crashes and splashes. In the end, the pond claimed all but two, and a big congratulations goes out to our winners, King of the Pond Evan Robinson and Queen of the Pond Grace Fahey. A tip of the cap also to our Best Costume winners, Nate Rice and Talia Doucette for channeling their inner pirate, and to our man Matty V for taking home the award for Best Exit with a solid 360 coming out of the pond. And of course, we have to show some love to DJ New City for dropping the Lonely Island classic Jack Sparrow (featuring Michael Bolton) into the soundtrack mix.

Enough words though, let's let the pictures tell the story.




One thing that may or may not be clear to many of you is just how much work the Mountain Ops team puts into making the actual pond and setting up the whole area for the event. From Randy pushing piles of snow around in the groomer, to Jason and Denny hauling grills and tents and gear all over the mountain, to John Worth and his team of Patrollers running chainsaws, setting the tarps and making sure the pond gets properly set up, there's a solid two days of work that goes into getting this event off the ground. And that's before we even get into the fact that Del, our Assistant Patrol Director, voluntarily puts on a dry suit and hops in the pond to help people get out. Del also got his ear pierced in the Patrol Shack prior to the event so he could add earrings to his pirate ensemble, but that's neither here nor there. The bottom line is that from the Mountain Ops team, to the F&B team, to our judges (AJ, Rob and Deb), to the contestants and the spectators, everyone put in a truly admirable effort this year and it resulted in one heck of a contest. We'll start scheming on a theme and hope to see everyone back next Spring. 

In the meantime, we've got two more days - Saturday and Sunday, April 12th and 13th - to get out and take advantage of the incredible spring skiing we're experiencing here at the end of the 13/14 season. With the lifts coming to a stop just after 5pm this afternoon, we've officially called an end to 7-day operations, but we'll be back at it next weekend (click here for all the operational details). The Mid Burke Express will spin from 9am - 5pm accessing the upper mountain, and we'll have the Dashney Mile Terrain Park open and maintained for those who want to hike it (shuttles will also be available taking skiers & riders up to the Mid Burke Lodge). We'll have the BBQ up and running, the Bear Den will be open and with some hopefully nice weather, we'll wrap up the 13/14 season with one big spring skiing party - make sure you're here!

See ya on the hill,