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Same New Burke

October 2, 2011 10:00pm home GM news opening

tower feature

With this brand new website our marketing department told me (I am still not sure how that works) that I need to write a regular blog as the GM. No problem I said, this should be easy, we are only in the middle of the busiest offseason we have ever had, so there is plenty to talk about. But what should the first blog be about? 

I could spend an entire blog alone talking about the new lift, the Leitner- Poma high speed quad, six minute ride to the summit, less than half the time of the existing Willoughby. Or maybe I should write about our commitment to sensible operations, the wind tower that has now been online for over a month which is offsetting our traditional power consumption with renewable energy. Then again, there are the five new trails which will bring our total trail count up to 50 on over 260 acres of terrain. But if I spend too much time on any of those I won’t be able to discuss our rebranding efforts, new tagline, website, or marketing campaign. And even with all of this, I have yet to touch on probably what will become some of the biggest news with the upcoming real estate project. Hopefully, I will have time to touch on each of those topics during the season, in addition to everything else going on at Burke.  So for now stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy the new website.

Tim McGuire, GM