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Spring Skiing

March 17, 2012 6:06am home GM

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What a difference a few weeks can make, my last blog was in mid February and at that point I was looking forward to the second half of the winter but lamenting the lack of snow up until that point. The good news is we did get a second life and some fantastic (by any winter's standard) conditions. I started to prepare a blog during the first week of March to publicize the epic conditions with over 38” of fresh powder in less than two weeks, but a week later that blog was no longer relevant. Unfortunately, the epic conditions were short lived, from late February until early March, when we were suddenly hit with unprecedented spring temperatures that seem to want to now turn to summer temps. There is no doubt that an early spring is now here and if the forecast is true there is little chance we will make it to our planned April 8th closing date.

That makes your opportunity over the next few weeks even more compelling to get to Burke and get some last turns in for the season. It’s been moderately cool (by this year’s standards…) over the past few days and our conditions are holding up. I skied Wednesday afternoon and the conditions were fun, spring skiing - the snow was still somewhat firm on the upper mountain and coverage on our main trails is decent. Our goal at this point is to stay open as long as conditions allow so that our pass holders and guests can get the most out of this disappointing winter. If we do get a late season storm, continue to check the website for updates and conditions. Although my last blog discussing the law of averages is turning out to be way off mark, it’s bound to mean that next winter will be epic, so don’t forget to get next year’s pass early-at the best prices available. At this rate my next blog is likely to be about lift served mountain biking, but I am not quite there yet so join us for some fun spring skiing while we still have it…