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The New Guy's Perspective: A Special Crew

March 5, 2014 8:12am home winter andrew tngp

We recently celebrated the success of BMA's alumni in Sochi. Now, let's shine a little light on another set of Olympians who call this mountain home, the Caledonia Special Olympic team. This weekend in Woodstock, VT, the Special Olympics Vermont 2014 Winter Games are taking place, and the Caledonia team has a large crew of skiers and riders going. They've done an incredible job at the last couple Winter Games, sending 28 skiers and riders since 2011 and bringing back more than 70 medals. 


Every Sunday, the Caledonia team trains here at the mountain, and last Sunday I had the honor and priviledge of spending the morning with them. The team is coached by Ryan Millet and Sonya Bridges, and the whole effort is coordinated by Ellen Hinman, who all do an incredible job. Ryan had filled me in on a couple of the accomplishments of some of the atheletes and I was looking forward to meeting them. I got to talk to Emily, who recently won her first medal. I was interested in hearing about what she loves about snowboarding and how excited she was for Woodstock the next weekend. She was interested in telling me that I needed to go back to my office and find my helmet. She was right (wear your helmets, kids). I got to meet Elisha, who's been out to Colorado as part of the National Winter Games. He shrugged it off and proceeded to tell me how excited he was to go snowboarding that day. I met Brian, who immediately told me he rode with more steez than I do. He was right. The whole crew was absolutely incredible and such a great representation of what Olympic spirit is all about. They compete, they laugh, they encourage each other and they cheer for each other. They throw snowballs, crack jokes and have a great time. They run the course, bash gates and do the best they can. They remind us that obstacles and challenges are meant to be met head on and overcome (with a smile, no less). In other words, they are Olympians and they are inspirations.  

So while we continue to celebrate the accomplishments of Mikaela, Nolan, Trace, Liz and Ida in Sochi, let's also take a moment to celebrate these Olympians and root for them this weekend at the Winter Games in Woodstock. Good luck everyone, we'll be cheering you on!  

See ya on the hill,