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The New Guy's Perspective: Spring, You Say?

March 21, 2014 11:48am andrew home winter tngp

I had to double check my calendar and even ask Google to make sure, but it is in fact Spring right now. I figured I would go ahead and clear that up because it's not exactly apparent when you look out the window or step out of the house these days. Spring skiing typically conjures up images of soft corn snow, riding in a t-shirt and BBQ's on the patio, not bundled up powder days. Not that anyone around here is complaining, mind you. 22" last week and another 8" - 10" this week (more projected through Wednesday) have made this without question the best month of the season so far. And personally, I'll gladly add a few extra layers to make turns like this in March:

Ok, that's a lie. I'd bundle up with a few extra layers to make turns like that any month of the year. Now, just because Mother Nature forgot to flip the dial over to spring, doesn't mean we did. In fact, we're doing a couple pretty cool things to celebrate spring that I figured I'd tell you about. For instance, we're opening the lifts until 5pm Saturdays and Sundays until the end of the season. An extra hour of skiing/riding? Sign me up for that, especially on a day like today when it was basically white-out with snow and the tracks kept refilling. We had the Kingdom Plaza Rail Jam today (traditionally a spring park event in which competitors are in t-shirts) as well, which had 30 plus participants and kids throwing down all kinds of video-game level tricks. We're talking stuff I can't even fathom, let alone name. From the super tech rail guys, to the spin-to-win crowd, these kids got after it. I kid you not, one of the features was a butter pad transition to a down-box, and a kid front-flipped on to the box, and fifty-fifty'd out. Just to be clear, he front flipped ON TO a down box. I mean..... who does that? The cool thing is that Spring is prime park time, so if you want to see some of these guys do their thing, just take a run down the side of Dashney Mile and check them out.

Spring also means Pond Skimming. Hopefully really sunny, really warm pond skimming. I have to say that I'm pretty excited about seeing pond skimming here, as I've heard a whole lot about it. Most resorts do some variation of this event, and I've certainly seen and participated in my fair share of them. But here, it seems like there's a certain reverence associated with the event that I haven't noticed at other places. Don't get me wrong, people at a lot of resorts are excited to skim, but rarely has it felt like this. This year's theme is Pirates, and I'm expecting a strong showing in the costume department. And yes, while when we came up with the theme we were thinking more along the lines of Jack Sparrow/Captain Morgan, I will personally high five anyone who shows up in a vintage Pittsburgh Pirates jersey.

So to wrap it up, make sure you get out here and take advantage of all the mid-winter like conditions while they last and get in a few more powder days. Then, hopefully we'll all be slathered in sun-tan lotion and basking in the sun for Pond Skimming two weeks from now. 

Cheers, I'll see ya on the hill,