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The New Guy's Perspective

November 26, 2013 10:32am blog andrew tngp home

Ok Burkies, it's time to bring this blog back to life. Let's kick it off with the first installment of what will be a weekly feature from yours truly titled The New Guy's Perspective. The purpose of TNGP is going to be to take a look at all things Burke through the lens of someone who's never seen them before, since (you guessed it) I've never seen them before. So who exactly am I? My name is Andrew Baird, I recently came on as the new Director of Marketing & Sales. I'm a ski industry guy; I've worked a season at Sunday River, a season at Attitash, spent six years in Tahoe with Northstar California, Sierra-at-Tahoe and Diamond Peak, and now I'm here. I'm a skier and a snowboarder (I'm much better standing sideways, but I'm working on the skiing part), a new dad, a surfer and a drummer. I'm a lover of craft beer, most sports, vinyl records and pretty much all things music. I also have what I'm sure my wife would say is an unhealthy obsession with soccer. So make it a point this season to find me in the office, on the chairlift, or up at the Bear Den and say hi. Tell me what you think makes this place so special, toss me your opinion on what we're doing, chat me up about music or soccer and show me a few of your favorite runs. Enough about all that though.  

This week's edition of The New Guy's Perspective is going to focus on food because, well.... I love food. And I got to sample some great food recently when the Tamarack Pub & Grill staff trotted out samples of their new menu items. If you hadn't heard, we showed the Tamarack a little love this fall and brought in some more comfortable seating, added a few more tv's and upgraded some things that needed upgrading. Don't worry, we didn't totally overhaul the place. Think of it more like hitting the refresh button. And then there's the food. Oh man, the food. Let me just put a few things on your radar to try this season, starting with the Irish Hanger. The Irish Hanger is a Guinness infused Irish Hanger Steak, served with Irish Whiskey Onion Rings and roasted Brussel Sprouts. Believe me, it tastes as good as it sounds. There's also the Fish Tacos, which the crew here demolished in a matter of seconds. There's the Pepperjack Mac & Cheese with your choice of Bacon or Pulled Pork, because we all know everything is better with bacon. And of course, as someone who's spent the last six years on the West Coast, there's the Poutine. That crazy sounding, ridiculously great tasting combo of french fries, brown gravy and cheese that the rest of the country is missing out on. On that note, the ham and cheese sandwich I brought for lunch today looks way less appetizing. Note to self: write blogs about food after you eat lunch. Anyway, the Tamarack Pub & Grill opens on Thursday, December 5th and will be open Thursday - Sunday throughout the season, so make sure you stop in, grab a beer and try the new eats.

That's all for this week, so have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy time with family and friends. And if you're looking for a way to work off all that turkey, we heard Snow Dances burn more calories than anything else. True story....

See ya on the hill,