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The Trail Crew Chronicles: Meet the Crew!

June 26, 2014 4:30pm home summer mountain biking tcc

One of the great things about running a resort so close to a college like Lyndon State is that each season, we have the opportunity to work with some talented interns across our various departments. And this summer is no exception - Michael, Mack and Kory have all joined the team for their internships and are all doing great work so far. Michael just so happens to be interning in the Marketing department, and one of his ongoing projects is to create content for the blog. In trying to come up with topics, he's decided to focus on the trials and tribulations of our Trail Crew, in a series we're calling The Trail Crew Chronicles. In these blogs you'll get a look at the folks who are out there day-in, day-out building, shaping and then re-shaping (usually by hand) the trails that we all enjoy riding each weekend. So to kick things off in the first installment of The Trail Crew Chronicles, let's introduce you to the crew (and Michael). As you'll notice, this group loves two things; skittles...... and Kory Buck.



Kory Buck

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Candy: Skittles

Favorite Dinner: Dashney wrap from the kingdom cafe

Favorite Trail: Jester

Favorite Tool, Why? Flat Shovel – great for everything!

Dream Date: Listening to Afroman and drinking a 40 on a quiet roof top

Things you do during spare time: Skateboarding and exploring VT

Favorite TV show: HGTV – House Hunters International

Favorite Drink: Glacier cherry Gatorade

Bio – Where are you from? How you grew up? Where are you going?: From Bennington, VT, grew up racing BMX on a national circuit and running and operating a local BMX track with my family, recent graduate from Lyndon State College with a MTN Recreation degree, concentrating on Ski Resort MGMT.  I plan on a long future in the ski industry.


Mack McCaughey

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Candy: Skittles

Favorite Dinner: Steak

Favorite Trail: Dashney mile/ Jester

Favorite Tool: Ranger

Dream Date: Kory Buck

Things you do during spare time: Snowboard, Ride, and Fish

Favorite TV show: East bound and Down

Favorite Drink: PBR

Bio – Where  are you from? How you grew up? Where are you going?: North Attleboro Massachusetts, now live in East Burke VT, graduate of Lyndon State College.  Plan to continue building terrain parks at Burke Mountain USA.


Cody Sayers

Favorite Color: Teal/ Blue

Favorite Candy: Chocolate

Favorite Dinner: Homemade General Tsos

Favorite Trail: Jester

Favorite Tool: Chainsaw/ McCloud

Dream Date: Kory Buck

Things you do during spare time: Canoeing

Favorite TV show: No TV, I live in a tent

Favorite Drink: During the day? Or after work..? IPA

Bio – Where  are you from? How you grew up? Where are you going? : I grew up in the white mountains of NH with adventurous parents.  My mom taught me to be strong and my dad taught me not to give up.  My dad once told me the higher you climb the better the view, he meant 2 things and I have carried this into my life of adventures.  I have worked on, or lead trail crews since 2004.  I am a graduate of Sterling College with a BA in Outdoor Education and Leadership with a focus in Forestry Stewardship.

Where am I going? I have been pretty content in VT with my home mountains nearby but a trip to the west may be in my future.


Ryan McEvoy

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups (Kingsize)

Favorite Dinner: Chicken parm with some sauce

Favorite Trail: My Jumps

Favorite Tool, Why? Flat blade, because you have to make everything look pimp!

Dream Date: Kory Buck

Things you do during spare time: I like to ride jumps on my bike and ski the trees

Favorite TV show: Parks and Rec

Favorite Drink: H2O

Bio – Where  are you from? How you grew up? Where are you going?: I am from Essex, VT and grew up dirt biking and riding bikes.  Honestly don’t know what’s going to happen in my future, just going to go with the flow.


*Answers directly from interview

Blog Writer: Michael Borowski

Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Favorite Candy: Chocolate Marshmallow eggs

Favorite Dinner:  Chinese food!

Favorite Trail: Knight slayer, especially the first two box jumps..

Favorite Tool, Why? Other than computers…. I enjoy the Flat Shovel because its everything you need

Dream Date: Well…. First I’d pick up my date Eva Mendes, and we would go skiing down the first half of the mountain (Winter, powder day), then Mountain bike down some sweet trails (Fall, leaves changing color day), end at some nice beach during mid-July and chill for the rest of the day and have a beach bon fire at night! Boom! I did say dream date….

Things you do during spare time: I like building dirt jumps, riding, skiing, slacklining, and computer stuff

Favorite TV show: Parks and Rec, and Futurama

Favorite Drink: Water

Bio – Where  are you from? How you grew up? Where are you going?: I am from Wescosville, Pennsylvania where I rode bikes my whole life, I used to ride a velodrome track until the program filled up before I handed in a form, this lead to a major change when I started to ride BMX and went to camp Woodward a few times.  I eventually got more interested in mountain biking and hitting trails on a bigger bike.  I came up to Lyndon State College for Mountain biking…. I mean school and am a recent graduate with a degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Where am I going? I have no clue.