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The Trail Crew Chronicles: Pump Track Progress

August 14, 2014 2:00am home summer mountain biking tcc

What’s new with Trail Crew?

The trail crew has been busy at work putting in our new pump track located in the woods towards the end of Enchanted Forest.  We are expected to have it ready to ride on this following weekend of 8/22/2014.  It was set back due to some unexpected complications and the heavy rains on Wednesday making the dirt (mud) hard to work with. 

We are also currently in the planning stages of having some sort of pump track jam when the track opens.  We were thinking about having timed no pedal laps around the track with some music and possibly prizes.  So pump up your tires and stiffen your suspension because fastest time around wins!

New addition to Roly Grail to allow beginners to continue to hone skills on pumping, cornering, and small jumps.  This will really help in lessons whether it is through the mountain instructors or a parent trying to teach the fundamentals of pumping in mountain biking.