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The Trail Crew Chronicles: Top 14 things the Trail Crew needs!

June 26, 2014 4:30pm home summer mountain biking tcc

Mountain Update: This week the trail crew is looking to do a complete Black Forest overhaul, which will include berming out many of the tight corners, some root removal, and adding new option features throughout the trail.  They will also be doing weekly touch ups, and a rebuild on the berm before the bridge on Jester.  Some minor touch ups on Knight Slayer on the new berm after the bridge making it more banked, and some sort of fix for the two box jumps located outside of the woods right before the final section.


Top 14 things the Trail Crew needs……and why.

Shovel – Dirt moving, shaping, scooping, root cutting, and packing.  This is an all-around basic tool used for everything, especially the square shovel.

Bicycle – The best tool! You use this to test out the newest feature or change you’ve done to the trail to make sure it runs right.

Bug Spray – The bugs are so bad in the woods, I’ve probably killed 10 with the tablet I’m writing with…. And it only gets worse the higher you go on the mountain.

Rake – Used to flatten out that freshly moved dirt, or clearing out the leaf-filled drainage.

McLeod – Another all-around tool, used for raking, tamping, chopping roots and hoeing dirt.

Rock Bar – To break rocks.

Ranger 4x4 – Mostly used for moving small amounts of dirt and getting to the working places faster

4-Wheeler – Other than fun to drive! A lot of the times it is used to pack large berms and lips.

Water – Averaging around 58% of your total body, you need this. Stay hydrated!

Redbull/ coffee – ENERGY!

Chainsaw – Cutting new paths for the trail or the pesky blown down trees that are across the trail.

Weed whacker – to whack some weeds down.

Buckets – Move small amounts of dirt from digging areas.

Calcium Chloride – keeping the dirt hard in the sunny dusty areas.


Pictures of Trail Work...

Black Forest Overhaul: