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The Trail Crew Chronicles: We Love the Trail Crew

July 12, 2014 12:30pm home summer mountain biking tcc

Why We Love Trail Crew (And You Should, Too!)

There are many reasons to love the trail crew up here at the mountain.  Even right now as I’m sitting in my comfy office, I know they are out there working. Whether its pouring rain, high humidity, or even the average “perfect” day, they are still bustin’ their backs moving dirt, clearing those drains, and fixing the run off ruts.  They are out there five days a week (or more) getting those trails back to the perfect ride status for you to enjoy every weekend; from brake bump smoothing to full on new features/ rebuilds that we’ve come to just expect each week. 

We currently have four trail crew members (introduced in the first TCC) with well-rounded backgrounds in different types of trail work - from hiking trails, BMX tracks, and booters all the way to snow parks - and they work great together.  They bring their knowledge in each of these aspects to create an all-around great trail.  We have been lucky with the weekend weather at the bike park creating those beautiful weekends with blue skies and tacky dirt, but remember that the trail crew rarely has those perfect mid 60-70’s working conditions. They have to deal with random 90+ heat waves, humidity included, doing full body sweat inducing work.  This makes Lake Willoughby a regular visit for the trail crew, where they jump off a rock into the nice cold water after a rough day of trail building and fixing.

Forgot to mention the bugs, it is highly recommended not to shower so you do not get eaten alive.  You find out quickly, the bugs love good smelling individuals.  I volunteered quite often with the trail crew at the beginning of the season and it’s always best to shower after work (if at all) because if you were the best smelling person working on the trail you will be the bug target.  That is just at the bottom of the mountain, up at the top I don’t know how the crew survives.  I went up to shoot some photos and standing still for more than a minute means every “no-see’um” will find your head.  Well I don’t know if they are particularly attacking your head or just every uncovered inch of your skin, but I noticed them mostly around my head.  I was holding my camera to my face with one hand and constantly swatting bugs with the other between shots.

I am thankful to have that crew out there every day to make sure each weekend making sure everything in the park is prime, which makes my shooting experience that much more fun and easy.  When the park is running great so are the riders, and when the riders are running great the better the photos will turn out!