Our Direction

Growing Burke

Construction of the new 116-suite Hotel Burke began with a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, June 3, under the direction of PeakCM, whose President and Owner - Jerry Davis - was responsible for building the Tram Haus Lodge, Hotel Jay and Pumphouse Indoor Waterpark at Jay Peak. The new Hotel Burke will take inspiration from the Tram Haus Lodge at Jay Peak, but have a connection to Burke that is obvious and important. The Hotel and Conference center is projected to open on December 11th, 2015.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Q Burke.  Our new owners, Q Burke Mountain Resort LLC, are committed to integrating new plans against an older philosophy; that skiers and riders are in the best position to understand what’s best for skiers and riders.  Our ownership group includes Ariel Quiros, CEO a long-time Northeast Kingdom property owner, resident and skier, while the mountain is being run by Ary Quiros Jr., President and CEO, who brings an extensive hospitality background and a spirit of hard work and attention to detail. The financing and funding of the growth here in the Kingdom is being led by Bill Stenger, President of Jay Peak and architect of Jay Peak and Q Burke’s approach to EB-5 financing. 

Along with the new Hotel Burke an indoor aquatic and tennis center will also get underway.  These projects have are expected to open for Christmas of 2014 and will present the first ski in/ski out Hotel Lodging at the mountain.  Make sure to check back here as construction begins and the future gets fully underway.

Along with the new Hotel Burke, an indoor aquatic and tennis center are also in the plans. Make sure to check back here as construction begins and the future gets fully underway.  Visit our Hotel & conference Center tab to see the most recent updates with the Hotel Construction!

It’s no secret that Burke has long needed beds, so next up will be a new 116-room hotel.

Picture taken May 5th, 2015:

Click here to watch an aerial tour taken April 2nd, 2015 around the construction site, compliments of PeakCM!

May progress report:

* The new double trailer for hotel operations staff has been delivered to the site and installed.
* West roof sheathing and Ice & Water shield is complete.
* Concrete slab in the link level 2 (day area lodge) has been placed.
* Spray foam insulation is complete for west wing levels 3 and 4.
* West wing level 1 topping slab is complete.
* West wing level 1 spray fireproofing is complete.
* Air barrier and window blocking is complete on the west building west and south elevations.
* Window installation is complete on the west building west elevation.

A first look at the future, and most certainly, as you can see - it's coming to life!

A shot looking down at the placement of the new Hotel Burke, with Wiloughby Gap off in the distance.  Modeled after the Tram Haus Lodge at Jay Peak, this building will be home to 116 suites ranging from studio to 3 bedrooms with full kitchens and either Gap or Peak views.

Built with Vermont hands, stone and wood, the new hotel and conference center will offer 116 rooms–from studios to 3-BR suites. Other amenities will include a new bar and restaurant, conference spaces and a fitness center. Outside of most rooms, a balcony will offer guests amazing views–some of the mountain, others of Willoughby Gap–so expect even more pictures of the constantly-photographed Gap in the future.

The front of the hotel.

The view from the mountain.

The new hotel is expected to open in November of 2015. A future which will feel comfortably like the past, just a bit newer.


A community does not live by beds alone.

Introducing the new Burke Indoor Tennis and Aquatic Center.

We’ll also be debuting an indoor/outdoor Tennis Facility and Aquatics Center.  The Tennis Center will be a mix of indoor/outdoor courts available to locals, day visitors and overnight guests and the Aquatics Center will provide pool and lane space for hotel guests, area swim meets and anyone looking to cool off when the weather keeps us out of our favorite swimming holes.

A growing community

In may of 2012, Q Burke Mountain Resorts LLC purchased Burke Mountain. The group, headed by Jay Peak co-owner Ariel Quiros, includes recognizable Northern Vermont businessman Bill Stenger and is one piece in a $600 million initiative in the Northeast Kingdom.

Leading the team that will be developing, building and running Q Burke Mountain Resort is Ary Quiros Jr., President and CEO. Ary brings a deep hospitality background and a get-your-hands dirty ethic that fits in perfectly with the Burke spirit.

For Burke skiers, riders, mountain bikers, hikers, neighbors and friends, it's great news in the form of up to $108 million in developments. But with big money, comes big worries about losing the mountain's uniqueness–the Burke spirit. A spirit that respects its natural history and racing heritage. Worries that Mr. Quiros himself addressed when he stated:


“I’m delighted to be involved in the Burke Mountain Resort community," 

Mr. Quiros said. “The mountain has been such an authentic part of the Vermont ski industry and to be able to guide it into the future is truly exciting for me and my ownership team. I believe so strongly in the environmental spirit of Vermont and want the Burke community to know how committed to environmental stewardship we are.” 


A bigger initiative

But the development Q Burke is bringing to the mountain is only one piece in a regional puzzle that will bring thousands of permanent and construction jobs to the Northeast Kingdom in the coming years. Other projects include:

  • $170 million for Jay Peak Resort for new lifts and trails and hotel complex.
  • $110 million for AnC BIO in Newport, a 40-acre biomedical research campus overlooking Lake Memphremagog.
  • $100 million for the Newport Marina Hotel and Conference Center, a 150-unit hotel on Newport's Waterfront Plaza with restaurants, retail and conference facilities.
  • $70 million for the Renaissance Block on Newport's Main Street, currently known as the Spates Block. It will be acquired, and new commercial and residential facilities will be built.
  • $20 million for the Newport Airport in Coventry, expanding the terminal and hangar space, and building a bonded warehouse and Foreign Trade Zone facility.

The bulk of the funding for these projects will come from foreign investors as part of the federal EB5 program.