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If you are a season pass holder you'll want to book mark this page for announcements and updates specifically for pass holders!

Tier 3 Pricing through end of season

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Saturday, Dec. 16:  4:30pm, Witherall Conference Rm.  Welcome 2017+18 winter season.  What's in-store and updates for the new season.

Sunday, Feb. 18: 8am-10:30am, Witherall Conference Rm. Season Pass holder appreciation breakfast.  

Saturday, Mar. 10:  4:30pm, Witherall Conference Rm.  Season check-in; end of season plan.


Click here to read the full press release published August 4th announcing the collaboration between Burke Mountain and Burke Mountain Academy.  

Although we are loving these warm summer days, the nights have been growing cooler and signs of fall are creeping in.  With winter preparations happening daily around the resort, it's hard not to start thinking about opening day for the 2017+18 season!

13,400 feet of snow making pipe arrived Sunday, August 6th and over the next few weeks, our snow making team will be hard at work moving the water and air pipe to their new homes.  McHarg's Cut-off will see snow making for the first time in Burke Mountain's history as well as Upper Doug's Drop.  Binney Lane will see some infrastructure upgrades with broken pipe replaced and fixed providing for more efficient air and water disbursement on the lower mountain.  

In addition to the snow making upgrades, extensive progress is being made on the new high speed Lietner-POMA T-bar surface lift slated to open for the upcoming season.  Not only will this improve reliability but also increase uphill capacity by more than 5 times.  

Continue to check this page for progress updates on the lift and be sure to visit our event calendar for all the exciting (and fun) opportunities to visit Burke in the "off season".  The summer has been another record setting period for us and we're grateful for the continued support of the community while we introduce Burke to more and more guests each and every day.  

What a difference a year makes and you can rest assured the goals of Burke Mountain and the team remain the same - open as early as we can for skiing and riding with smart, efficient & effective snow making efforts to help us sustain and maintain the longest possible skiing and riding season we can.  

We thank you for your financial commitment to ski and ride with us again in the upcoming season.  Please don't hesitate to contact Kevin or I with any questions regarding your pass purchase or about the upcoming season.  


Kevin Mack
Director of Resort Services

Jessica Sechler
Director of Sales & Marketing


Click here to view our 2017/18 season pass price grid including all three tiers.

NOTE:  Purchase your Burke Adult, Couple, Senior 1 or 2, or Family Winter Season Pas sin Tier 1 and receive TWO free non-restricted Burke Winter Day Lift Tickets.

Tier three PRICING (oct. 10, 2017 - end of season)

(5 & Under)  
CoupleSenior 1
Senior 2
Judge Pass: Burke + Jay Peak $100 $869 $759 $1,209 $2,319  $889 $529    
Burke Only - TIER 2 $50 $539 N/A $929  $1,639  $559 $349    

To purchase your Burke Only Season Pass, click here.
To purchase your Judge Season Pass, click here.

Toddler Pass Guidelines

  • Pre-season purchases (prior to December 1, 2017), toddler must be age 5 or younger on December 1, 2017.
  • In-season purchases, toddler must be age 5 or under at the time of purchase. 
  • Toddler Passes are free with the purchase of an Adult Pass Product.

2017/18 TIER three Family Pass Rates

Available to families with 2 or more in the same household. Must purchase at least one adult and one junior pass. Not eligible with toddler or race pass. All passes must be purchased in the same transaction to qualify for the family pass rates.

   ADULT (30-59) JUNIOR (6-18)
 Judge Pass: Burke + Jay Peak  $1,109.00  $769.00
 Burke Only - Tier 2  $819.00  $479.00

To purchase your Burke Only Family Season Passes, click here.
To purchase your Judge Family Season Passes, click here.

Toddler Pass Guidelines

  • Pre-season purchases (prior to December 1, 2017), toddler must be age 5 or younger on December 1, 2017.
  • In-season purchases, toddler must be age 5 or under at the time of purchase. 
  • Toddler Passes are free with the purchase of an adult pass product.

2017/18 TIER three Specialty Pass Rates

(Any Age)  
Judge Pass: Burke + Jay Peak $739.00 $419.00 N/A
Burke Only  $499.00 $249.00 N/A

To purchase your Specialty Burke Only Season Pass, click here.
To purchase your Specialty Judge Season Pass,
click here.

Midweek Pass Guidelines 

Available to skiers and riders of any age. A Judge Midweek Pass entitles the holder to unlimited skiing and riding on the trails and glades of Burke Mountain Resort and Jay Peak Resort, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the 2017/2018 Winter Season. No Blackouts during holiday weeks!

Kingdom Pass Guidelines

Available to grade school and high school students attending school in Caledonia, Orleans, and Essex Counties of Vermont or in the Coos and Grafton Counties of New Hampshire. All students must show proof of current residency and enrollment status at pass pick-up.

Corporate Pass Guidelines 

Available to registered businesses with the intended use as either employee or business relations benefit. The Corporate Membership Pass entitles guests to 2 lift tickets, Monday through Friday (excludes holiday periods) and 1 lift ticket during weekends and holiday periods. User should call the Guest Relations Office (802.626.7300) to schedule pick up of lift tickets.


 RACE PASS (6-24)  
Judge Pass:  Burke + Jay Peak $849.00
Burke Only  $529.00

To purchase your Burke Only Race Team Season Pass, click here.

2017/18 College Pass Rates

College Passes (18-24)Tier 1 (March 3 - June 5)Tier 2 (June 6 - Dec. 25)Tier 3 (Dec. 26 - EOS)
Judge Pass: Burke + Jay Peak $229.00 $269.00 $499.00
Burke Only $199.00 $249.00 $399.00

To purchase your College Burke Only or Judge Season Pass, click here.

College Pass Guidelines

Available to skiers and riders who are full-time college students. Students must show proof of current enrollment status and be registered for 12 or more credits at time of pass pick-up.

If you have any questions please call Guest Services at 802.626.7300 and they will be happy to assist you in choosing the right pass for you and/or your family and answer any questions you may have. 

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