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2016/17 Pricing will include three tiers again this year and pass holders will be happy to learn season pass prices have remained the same, not a single increase across all products!

2016/17 TIER THREE Season Pass Rates 

Update october 6th, 2016.


Dear Pass holder,

The 2016-17 winter season pass tier two deadline is right around the corner with prices increasing after Monday, October 10th. Time is passing right on bye bringing us closer to snow making temps and beginning the next winter season.

Burke Mountain Hotel and Conference Center officially opened its doors on September 1st and continues to set resort revenue records with the addition of the 116 suite lodging component, new dining/amenity offerings including The Gap Pub, Edmund’s Coffee Shop, Vertical Drop retail store, and the family arcade.  Burke Bike Park celebrates the end of a successful season over Burktoberfest and Best Whip this weekend with the Sherburne Express carrying it’s last rider at 4pm on Monday.  Burke Mountain Campground will host campers for one more week and plans to close for the season on Monday, October 17th.

With fall foliage clearly peaking here in the Northeast Kingdom, the change of season adds color and a swift change of gears from summer to winter operations resort wide. 


Our snow making team has had their work cut out for them as they continue to attend to general maintenance and repairs on existing infrastructure to help the system work to its greatest potential. 

Water supply and delivery has been increased.  An important mid mountain pump has been rebuilt increasing water capacity by 750 gallons per minute (GPM). This will allow for an overall 2,000 GPM to be pumped on the lower and mid mountain at one time.  No longer will we be restrained to making snow in one area or section at a time.  We will now have the ability to make snow simultaneously in multiple locations.   Additionally, the sides of the snow making pond have been desilted and repositioned the pump to increase water capacity of the pond.

Air supply improvements.  Air capacity heading into the 2016-17 winter season will be increased by nearly 45% from 4,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) to almost 5,800 cfm.  This will be accomplished by renting air compressors which has already been done.  We will have rental air from November 1st through mid-January to aid in early season snow making efforts.  The combination of increased air capacity and gallons per minute will result in a noticeable early season difference to match our goal of early November snowmaking and a target of skiing and riding Thanksgiving weekend.

More snow guns.  20 HKD snow guns will be installed by November first on the training hill, dipper trails and on Willoughby.  In addition we’ve added 5 HKD portable guns to our fleet which allows the snowmaking team flexibility during finicky weather.


The dust has settled and operations has certainly evolved under receivership and our management team, Leisure Hotel and Resorts.  From key staff rejoining the team to rekindled community partnerships, Burke is Back and we look forward to you, our season pass holder and guest to be a part of the positive changes and momentum.  Weather permitting we will be ready to make snow as early as November with the goal of having terrain open for Thanksgiving weekend.  Certainly that is all dependent on the support of Mother Nature but we will be ready to fire up the snow making guns as soon as that first window opens. 

The addition of the Hotel will most likely bring unforeseen challenges to our staff and we appreciate your patience as we continue to adapt and adjust operations.  You are our true ambassadors of the mountain and its’ with your continued financial commitment that our ski/ride operations can be successful.  Burke Mountain is your home as much as it is ours and we need your help to build the community and resort experience we all will enjoy and can be proud of for years to come. 

We look forward to having one of the best seasons yet.  Thanks for reading – we’ll see you on the slopes.

Click here to view our season pass price grid including all three tiers.

Tier three PRICING (oct 11 - end of season)

(5 & Under)  
CoupleSenior 1
Senior 2
Judge Pass: Burke + Jay Peak $100.00 $829.00 $759.00 $1149.00 N/A  $849.00 $509.00    
Burke Only $50.00 $509.00 N/A $899.00  $1,599.00  $529.00 $319.00    

To purchase your Burke Only Season Pass, click here.
To purchase your Judge Season Pass, click here.

Toddler Pass Guidelines

  • Pre-season purchases (prior to December 7, 2016), toddler must be age 5 or younger on December 7, 2016.
  • In-season purchases, toddler must be age 5 or under at the time of purchase. 
  • Toddler Passes are free with the purchase of an Adult Pass Product.

2016/17 TIER three Family Pass Rates

Available to families with 2 or more in the same household. Must purchase at least one adult and one junior pass. Not eligible with toddler or race pass. All passes must be purchased in the same transaction to qualify for the family pass rates.

   ADULT (30-59) JUNIOR (6-18)
 Judge Pass: Burke + Jay Peak  $1,049.00  $729.00
 Burke Only  $799.00  $459.00

To purchase your Burke Only Family Season Passes, click here.
To purchase your Judge Family Season Passes, click here.

Toddler Pass Guidelines

  • Pre-season purchases (prior to December 7, 2016), toddler must be age 5 or younger on December 7, 2016.
  • In-season purchases, toddler must be age 5 or under at the time of purchase. 
  • Toddler Passes are free with the purchase of an adult pass product.

2016/17 TIER three Specialty Pass Rates

(Any Age)  
Judge Pass: Burke + Jay Peak $699.00 $419.00 N/A
Burke Only  $499.00 $249.00 N/A

To purchase your Specialty Burke Only Season Pass, click here.
To purchase your Specialty Judge Season Pass,
click here.

Midweek Pass Guidelines 

Available to skiers and riders of any age. A Judge Midweek Pass entitles the holder to unlimited skiing and riding on the trails and glades of Burke Mountain Resort and Jay Peak Resort, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the 2016/2017 Winter Season. No Blackouts during holiday weeks!

Kingdom Pass Guidelines

Available to grade school and high school students attending school in Caledonia, Orleans, and Essex Counties of Vermont or in the Coos and Grafton Counties of New Hampshire. All students must show proof of current residency and enrollment status at pass pick-up.

Corporate Pass Guidelines 

Available to registered businesses with the intended use as either employee or business relations benefit. The Corporate Membership Pass entitles guests to 2 lift tickets, Monday through Friday (excludes holiday periods) and 1 lift ticket during weekends and holiday periods. User should call the Guest Relations Office (802.626.7300) to schedule pick up of lift tickets.


 RACE PASS (6-24)  
Burke Only  $529.00

To purchase your Burke Only Race Team Season Pass, click here.

2016/17 College Pass Rates

College Passes (18-24)Tier 1 (March 11 - July 11)Tier 2 (July 12 - Oct. 10)Tier 3 (Oct. 11 - EOS)
Judge Pass: Burke + Jay Peak $229.00 $269.00 $499.00
Burke Only $199.00 $249.00 $399.00

To purchase your College Burke Only or Judge Season Pass, click here.

College Pass Guidelines

Available to skiers and riders who are full-time college students. Students must show proof of current enrollment status and be registered for 12 or more credits at time of pass pick-up.

If you have any questions please call Guest Services at 802.626.7300 and they will be happy to assist you in choosing the right pass for you and/or your family and answer any questions you may have. 

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