NOTE:  Burke Mountain Academy is hosting the NorAm Finals this weekend.  Race begins Friday, 3/20 and ends Monday, 3/23.  To accomodate the race traffic, both Sherburne and Mid-Burke Express Lifts will be opening at 8:30am.  Saturday & Sunday lift hours will be extended to 4:30pm.  Race will be held on Warrens Way with Friday & Saturday GS warm-ups on the lower section of Big Dipper from 8-9am.

Extended Lift Hours will be in effect beginning this weekend through the end of season.  Enjoy 9am - 4:30pm lift schedules on Saturday, 3/28 & Sunday, 3/29; Saturday, April 4th, and Sunday, April 5th.

Hearing that Q Burke Mountain Resort is home to Olympians from the Burke Mountain Academy and that it has 100+ acres of glades can intimidate some.
But what they don’t realize is that Burke is actually one mountain that skis and rides like two.

The lower mountain is the realm of the green skier with almost exclusively beginner trails coming down from the Sherburne Express Quad. The only exceptions are the Dashney Mile Terrain Park with its jumps, lifts and rails and the new Jester Trail, an excavated mountain bike trail that cuts through the woods, giving the lower mountain its sole blue. Neither Jester nor Dashney (or D-Block as local riders call it) can be stumbled into easily by the beginner. And since Jester cuts through the trees and Dashney runs along the edge of the lower mountain, skiers and riders avoid the dangerous criss-cross of trails and ability levels that are hazards on other mountains.
At Burke, skiers and riders graduate, quite literally,
up the mountain.

Once you’re comfortable on the lower mountain, you can head to the summit for some classic Vermont skiing. You'll enjoy narrow, winding trails that ride the natural contours of the mountain, steep pitch suitable for Olympic racer training, and over 100 acres of glades that hide powder for days. We’re proud to still offer everything that made Vermont famous. Everything that other areas have seemingly forgotten in their pursuit of higher and higher skier volume. 

At the end of a day enjoying all that terrain, another bonus to the mountain’s natural structure is that everyone funnels down to the same end point. That’s why parents, for years, have been comfortable letting their skiers and riders explore the mountain knowing exactly where they’ll be after their last run. We wish we had planned it this way. Really. But we can’t take credit for it. The mountain just knew. All we knew was not to mess with it.
The 270 acres of terrain is serviced by 6 lifts (2 high-speed quads, 1 fixed-grip quad and 3 surface lifts). 

In 2011 the new Mid Burke Express was installed, making all terrain accessible by high-speed quad. The Mid Burke Express joins the Poma (used by BMA students as they perfect their technique) on the upper mountain. All lower mountain terrain is accessible from the Sherburne Express Quad. Ski school lessons at the base have access to the moving carpet, and the J-Bar surface lift gets new skiers and riders to enjoy some pitch half-way up the lower mountain.
In the summer, the lower mountain joins the Kingdom Trails Network as the Burke Mountain Bike Park. Intermediate and advanced singletrack and freestyle trails are accessible from the Sherburne Express Quad and more advanced downhill and freestyle trails can be reached by taking the toll road up to the summit.

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