Maybe it’s because we’re a bit further up? Maybe it’s because Burke is a monadnock–a lone mountain, not part of a range–and we embrace individuality? 

Whatever "it" might be, "it" has gathered a collection of individuals tied together by a common thread. We cling to tradition and seek out authentic skiing and riding experiences, which is why you won't find us widening the trails on our 270 acres any time soon (or, ever). Nor will we not cut into our 100+ acres of beautiful glades just to raise our trail number. There's enough terrain here to challenge all levels, believe us. But we’ll never call a blue run black just to stoke someone's ego. This is Vermont–you should earn it. And while that might sound intimidating, it's really not. The simple truth is that we love this place, and we'd love to show you how to love it just as much as we do. If your skiing or riding isn't quite up to par, don't worry - we’ll teach you. You’ll learn to appreciate the natural contours of the mountain. You’ll learn to see your line, not the trees it weaves through.
And you’ll learn, or maybe remember, what made Vermont skiing so great in
the first place.

Booking at the Mountain