Even if you’re not on skis, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the unspoiled, natural beauty of Vermont all winter long.

Whether you’re in hockey skates, figure skates or rental skates, winter in New England means ice skating at the local rink. In other parts of the country, deep snow closes roads. In the north, it opens them–as snowmobilers explore the back country and villages that make Vermont unique on 4,500 miles of VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers) trails. Just looking to try it out? Snowmobile rentals and instruction are available from nearby outfitters. Or try something new and go dog sledding, a memorable experience that will have you considering a run at the Iditarod next year.

Looking to take it a little easier? We could suggest ice fishing, although the largest lake trout ever caught on ice (39 lbs) was caught on Lake Willoughby, so we’re not sure how mellow that is. You could take the family out for some “over the river and through the woods” action on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.
What could feel more Vermont than that?

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