Located in the "Igloo" at the Sherburne Base Lodge, the Rental shop provides skiers and riders with the quality and care they need to get the most out of the mountain.

  • Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30
  • Sat., Sun., and Holiday Periods 8:00-4:30  

Phone: 802.626.7338

Rental Shop
The Burke Mountain Rental Shop carries Rossignol and Elan skis in its basic rental lineup, providing customers with reliable, modern skis. Longer rental periods and ski-only prices available at the rental shop.  

(skis, boots & poles) OR (snowboard & boots)
Prices:   1/2 day     1 day     2 day     3 day  
Adult: $30 $37 $67 $90
Junior: $23 $29 $51 $68
*Junior pricing for ages 16 & under

Helmet only:
  1/2 day     1 day  
$8 $15

Helmet as part of a rental package: 
  1/2 day     1 day  
$6 $10

The 2014/15 Demo Fleet is THE BIGGEST that we've ever carried!  Come in and try some amazing skis from Rossignol, Elan, K2, Volkl, Ramp and Scott!  There's a ski for every condition and every skier.  Our certified rental technicians will be happy to guide you through the process of finding the perfect ski to meet your style and ability.

Demo packages:
  1/2 day     1 day  
$50 $60


Repair Shop
Tune 'em and turn 'em!  Fast turnaround and overnight tunes available.

Hot Wax $8
(Temperature-specific wax applied with heat)

Quick Tune $20
(edge tune and hot wax)

Standard Tune $25
(includes belt and stone grind, edge tune and hot wax)

Premium Tune $35
(includes belt and stone grind, hand-filed edge tune, hot was and minor repairs)

Binding Mount $37
(includes professional mount of ski bindings, adjustment and equipment function inspection)

Binding Adjustment $17
(function test and proper adjustment of bindings)

Bigger Repairs
Did your skis happen to find a rock in all that fluffy powder?  That's ok, we'll fix your oops.  Bigger repairs include core shots, edge replacements, tip/tail delamination repairs, stripped bindings, etc.


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