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Uphill Policy

**EFFECTIVE 2.23.2021**



*Please always check the snow report for early lift loads.  An early lift load would impact uphill touring (meaning you would need to be descending with downhill traffic or on the daytime uphill route by lift start).


Continue reading below for the prescribed uphill travel routes during operational and non-operational hours.  These must be followed at all times.  


Any trail with active snowmaking or grooming operations in progress is CLOSED to all uphill and downhill travel.

  • Sign acknowledgement of risk agreement  
  • Obtain uphill travel pass and identifying ticket/armband (required) at Guest Services (located in Sherburne base lodge).   $15/active winter passholder; $25/non-passholder (Burke 2020.21).
  • No dogs allowed during operational hours. 
  • Anyone travelling uphill is required to wear snowshoes or touring skis/split boards with metal edges and brakes or restraint straps.  During operational hours you must descend on skis or snowboard, you cannot descend on snowshoes.
  • Please use wilderness etiquette: remove all waste and leave only tracks. 
  • Ski in a single file line on the side of designated trail. 
  • Always stay on the designated uphill travel routes (marked by yellow discs). 
  • All uphill travelers must only access ski terrain opened by patrol.

For your safety 

Mountain operations take place AT ALL TIMES. This includes grooming, snowmaking, transportation of materials and personnel, and other activities. STAY AWAY FROM ALL RESORT OPERATIONS AND MACHINERY FOR YOUR SAFETY. ANY TRAIL WITH ACTIVE SNOWMAKING OR GROOMING OPERATIONS IN PROGRESS IS CLOSED TO ALL UPHILL OR DOWNHILL TRAVEL.

Guests accessing the trail system through uphill travel should always stay to skiers right, single file and wear highly visible clothing. Be aware of sharp turns and knolls where you may not be in view of downhill traffic.

Ski Patrol Services are available until 4pm daily. For accidents or incidents that occur between 9:00am and 4:00pm, please call (802) 626-7377 to report your position and emergency. For all accidents that occur outside of operating times call 911. 

No motorized vehicles are permitted on the ski resort, violators will be prosecuted

What to know before you go

  • Your responsibility code applies at all times, please follow it.
  • Never go alone. It is best to hike in groups of three. Remember we do not have ski patrol services outside of resort lift service hours (before 9am or after 4pm).
  • Check the weather forecast before you go. Our mountain weather can change very quickly.
  • Dress appropriately for the conditions.
  • Bring a cell phone with you. In the event of an emergency, call 911. Ensure you pay attention to your specific location including trail names.
  • When hiking in the dark, wear a headlamp and bright, reflective clothing.

You assume responsibility for accessing our ski trails outside of operating hours. In the event you require emergency response, you will be responsible for all costs incurred as a result.


Routes are subject to change without notice.  Always check the daily snow report for the latest updates to uphill travel.  If you see a sign "grooming operations in progress" you must avoid the prescribed travel route.  It is closed for the evening.  

9:00am - 4:00pm:

From Sherburne Base Lodge:

High Meadows Pass to Open Slope (keep left); Fire Road (across Big Dipper) to Deer Run; follow Deer Run to Summit

From Mid Burke parking area:

(Keep left) Open Slope to Fire Road (across Big Dipper) to Deer Run; follow Deer Run to Summit

**Choose any open trail as your descent (NOTE:  all downhill must be on skis or snowboard – YOU MAY NOT WALK BACK DOWN IN SNOWSHOES).

5:00pM - 8:45am:

From Mid Burke parking area (two options):

ROUTE 1 (uphill/downhill route):

​Left out of mid burke area onto bottom of Big dipper (keep left) to Dipper Doodle up/down East Bowl.  

ROUTE 2a (uphill/downhill route):
(partial summit):

​Left out of mid burke area onto bottom of Big dipper (keep left) to Dipper Doodle; to Powderhorn; to Wilderness; Uphill travel must stop at top of Wilderness and follow same route down.

(to summit):

(same route as above); follow Wilderness to Upper Powerline; Upper Powerline to East Bowl.  Descend either what you came up or East Bowl to Dipper Doodle across bottom of Big Dipper to Mid Burke parking area.


**Always stay on designated uphill travel route (marked with yellow discs).  Any trail with active snowmaking or grooming operations in progress is closed to all uphill and downhill travel.  Routes are subject to change / closure by ski patrol.  

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